Past Life Regression

What Is It?

Past life regression is a technique where the hypnotist guides the client into trance and memories from what appears to be a past life. I make no claims that what clients experience is from a former life, however, the technique can provide insights and bring a sense of profound peace and understanding. The subject of reincarnation can be confusing and controversial depending on your spiritual beliefs or lack thereof.

Although it is possible for clients to overcome phobias and improve other health issues merely by undergoing a past life regression, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In fact, I personally only recommend doing a past life regression when all other forms of standard medical treatments and hypnotic techniques have not helped a particular condition.

Life Lessons Revealed

It would be unethical for me, as a hypnotist, to assume every phobia or health issue originated from trauma in a past life. There are a few exceptions where it would be acceptable to undergo a past life regression without participating in other sessions first. Some examples would be those who merely want to experience a past life where they discover a hidden talent or perhaps want to learn essential life lessons.

Past life regression is not the same as a past life reading. Past life readings are done by psychics. Past life regression is a technique where your subconscious mind taps into whatever it feels is necessary for your personal and spiritual growth. You must be spiritually evolved and emotionally healthy enough to take full responsibility for whatever may come up during a past life regression.

Love is All That Matters

The purpose of a past life regression is to learn valuable insights and understand that love is all that truly matters. Any resentment, excess guilt or blaming of others would defeat the purpose of the session. To truly benefit from regression it’s imperative that you forgive yourself and forgive all others -- not only experience the past life memory but also purge any negative emotions behind it.

A Message for the Skeptics

There is no way to prove that everything experienced in a past life regression is from an actual past life. Some believe that in a past life regression, your subconscious mind is merely using metaphors to help you deal with issues. Others think that the experience is a combination of metaphors and instances that have occurred in this life.

Still, others believe in psychologist Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious and that you somehow "tap into" the universal mind and those experiences don't even belong to you. My personal view is that it is up to the client to decide what belief works best for them. The focus will always be on the positive effects of the session and how much you learned about yourself in the process.

There are, however, many interesting cases of children who have recalled memories that seem to defy logic. One particular example was a child by the name of James Leininger, a boy who used to have nightmares about being a World War II pilot whose plane was shot down and crashed in the Pacific Ocean.


The important thing is not whether this proves that reincarnation exists, it’s how can this knowledge benefit you. There are those who may still be skeptical, and that’s understandable. Past life regression is not something taught in textbooks at school, and it isn’t as mainstream as it could be. Sometimes a respected member of the medical community has to come forward to give credence to something that is as dubious as reincarnation. Dr. Brian Weiss, a respected Yale psychiatrist, was an agnostic and a skeptic who learned a great deal about past lives in a session with one of his clients.

What to Expect During Regression

Everyone experiences a past life regression differently. From personal experience, the best way I can describe it is it feels as if you're making it up at the beginning because the scenes don't make sense right away. That’s normal. One moment you may see a vivid picture with your mind's eye and other times you'll hear an internal voice.

Maybe you'll get a physical sensation when asked about an important event. The best advice I can give to you is this: stay in the moment. Allow the images, sounds, feelings, and emotions to come forward in whatever way your subconscious mind wants to communicate it to you. Don't judge the experience and don't try to make sense of everything at the beginning. There will be plenty of time after the session is complete to ask questions.

Past life regression can be incredibly cathartic and initiate positive changes in your daily life. It does require a bit of faith and an open mind, but the results can be life-altering!

I’m Ready When You Are

If you're looking for irrefutable proof of reincarnation, this is not the way to go about it. Past life regression therapy is about experiencing a love that defies logic. If you are a skeptic before the session, you will be a skeptic after the session, and that's fine. You don't need to believe in reincarnation to benefit from a past life regression. As long as you learned valuable lessons and enjoyed the experience, that is what's important. If you live in the Chicagoland area, and you’re ready to experience a new level of personal growth, make an appointment with Focal Point Hypnosis today.

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